What is Don’t diss Christmas dis Christmas?

Kids I had the title of this song last year. I don’t know where it came from, it just came to me and I thought it was funny and had a nice ring to it. For those who don’t know what it means (I have had to explain it to some), “Diss” is short for dissing, which is disrespecting – “don’t diss me!” And “dis” is slang for “this” – “Don’t diss Christmas dis Christmas”.


SynthI told a few people about the title and they seemed to find it amusing too so I jokingly said I would write a Christmas song and then promptly forgot about it. One day I was looking at an old piece of instrumental music I’d written years back but always found far too nice and happy to do owt with. I decided to try and beef it up a bit by finding a more aggressive sounding synth to play the main melody on. But after half an hour of trying loads of different synths I realised it was never going to work. The tune is just too nice, and too happy. I then chanced upon a synth sound from the Korg M1 which made it sound even nicer, but added a party feel to it and quick as a flash I found my self wondering if this could be Don’t diss Christmas dis Christmas.

Needless to say I came up with a chorus which I instantly felt needed to be sung by many people – a big crowd. The verses would be someone complaining and moaning about Christmas (dissing) and the choruses would be a rally cry of happy people counteracting the negativity with, “Don’t diss Christmas, Don’t diss Christmas, Don’t diss Christmas dis Christmas”.

I then created a structure, a middle 8 section, added the prerequisite sleigh bells and big tubular bells and it was starting so sound nice and Christmassy. I didn’t even try to write any lyrics for the verses because I’d had Mike O’Brien from local comedy band Pocketful O’Nowt in mind right from the start. Mike agreed to write some lyrics and be the one dissing Christmas and he’s done a great job.

I’ve since spent many dozens of hours adding all sorts of musical parts for an accordion, tuba, Big bass drum, piano, and trombone. The music has a strong knees-up party type feel inviting a sing along.



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