How Can You Help?

How Can You Help?

If you would like to support this charity song you can do one or more of the following

Share and Help Promote

Facebook-pic Visit this page and share the picture on Facebook or other social media. The success or failure of this appeal is totally reliant on people like you sharing and encouraging friends and family to buy.

Don’t forget, it’s not just about donating a small amount, you actually get a happy song to sing along and do funny dances to, so it’s win win :)

Buy the Single

Buy and Donate Buy Don’t Dis Christmas Dis Christmas. This is virtually a 100% all profit on sales this Christmas to children’s charities single. No one involved will take a single penny. The only costs to be taken out are any commission taken by the companies which facilitate the sale such as Bandcamp and PayPal. All other expenses in designing this site, recording, mixing and mastering have been done free of charge.

Write about it or Play on TV &amp Radio

Media Please support the concept and song by writing about it or playing it on radio and television. Please contact me to discuss anything regarding professional media coverage.



Making a video for the song

Video It would be great, and far more productive for the charities if we could make a video to at least put up on YouTube. See the next column for more details


Please contact me or add a comment if you can help promote the cause.

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