Buy fun charity Xmas song – Don’t Diss Christmas Diss Christmas

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UPDATE: Don’t Diss Christmas is not currently being promoted as a charity song. It’s available for free at the moment.

Hear the song.

Buy and Donate Here is the finished song ready to download. It’s taken many dozens of hours, with help and support from friends and family singing on the choruses. Kindly Mastered free of charge by Jon Astley. Please buy and spread the word.


If you want to read the lyrics, start playing the song then open this page – Don’t Diss Christmas lyrics.

For more information about the song

See – What is Don’t Diss Christmas?


  1. […] Buy Don’t Dis Christmas Dis Christmas. This is virtually a 100% all profit on sales this Christmas to children’s charities single. No one involved will take a single penny. The only costs to be taken out are any commission taken by the companies which facilitate the sale such as Bandcamp and PayPal. All other expenses in designing this site, recording, mixing and mastering have been done free of charge. […]

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