Song now released

You can now buy Don’t Diss Christmas Diss Christmas – please do.

Don’t Diss Christmas is now virtually finished

I’m a slow but fanatical worker. I like to leave long gaps between working on any song so I have relatively fresh ears when I load it up again. It’s amazing how many times I begin work on a song after a week or so and immediately hear all sorts of things I couldn’t hear […]

Update 4: New singers added

Over the last few weeks I’ve had several more singers in to sing on the choruses, which are sounding much bigger now. I had Marie down to add a much needed female presence and we had a laugh because she ended up (like so many) singing in a bit of an exaggerated voice and sounds […]

Update 3

I’ve had a good session this afternoon working on the drums. I’ve got a proper beat with hi hats, snare and toms in the choruses so they are bigger and better. I’ve also played some more tuba and trumpet. Then I’ve added more piano, tambourine, more bells after suggestions by Bri. The main things left […]

Update 2

Had a few hours this evening working on vocal tracks. I managed to find one chorus out of six attempts that I can use from the session I had with,”the lads” last week. I had my son Martin and four of his (and my) mates round for a lad’s night in. We had a lot […]

Update 1

As of today (Wed 2nd October) The song is musically complete apart from odd little tweaks and a proper mix – plus getting it mastered. The main choruses have 20 tracks of male singers and are sounding big – like a proper pub crowd, but lacking female voices as I currently only have 3 tracks […]

Release Date

I’ve never released a Christmas single before so I have no idea of the optimum release date. Going purely on logic, it seems daft to release it too soon but you can’t leave it too late. Unless advised otherwise I plan to release it for sale in the last week of November (2013) to give […]