Money Donated

Just donated the money collected, which was disappointingly low – Don’t Diss Christmas Diss Christmas sales 34 = £108.00 – I’d spent so much time on the song that I didn’t have enough time or energy to properly promote it although I did get some media coverage and support. If the 34 people who kindly […]

BBC Radio Sheffield Interview

I’ve just been interviewed on BBC Radio Sheffield about Don’t Diss Christmas. Here’s the interview. I didn’t get much time to talk about it but managed to get a fair bit in. For some reason the short clip of the song sounds a bit funny, like it has an effect on it, I don’t know […]

Buy fun charity Xmas song – Don’t Diss Christmas Diss Christmas

Just listen or download for free UPDATE: Don’t Diss Christmas is not currently being promoted as a charity song. It’s available for free at the moment. Hear the song. Here is the finished song ready to download. It’s taken many dozens of hours, with help and support from friends and family singing on the choruses. […]

Madison and Mckenzie

Madison and Mckenzie (aged 8 and 6), the lovely daughters of our friends Nicola and David had a great time. It was a pleasure to see their faces as they sang for the first time ever in such an environment. Madison in particular (on the right) is a massive fan of singing and wants to […]


This is Finlay, who opens the song with an enthusiastic, “It’s Christmas time”, and also says, “don’t say that”, in a surprisingly poignant manner after the first verse. Finlay loved hearing his own voice through the speakers and headphones with full reverb effects on, and immediately started making silly noises and blowing raspberries. I just […]

Song Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to Don’t Diss Christmas Dis Christmas, written by Mike O’Brien (except chorus and incidentals written by Andy Trigg).   Finlay: It’s Christmas time! Mike: Oh Blimey Michelle: Merry Christmas Mike: Not today thanks Michelle: Have you got any plans for the festive season? Mike: Merry Christmas? Plans? Festive season? Absolutely not! […]

Mike O’Brien

The inimitable Mike O’Brien, who’s written and performed the main vocal parts in the verses and middle 8 as the grumpy man complaining about Christmas. From what I hear – he means every word too.   Posing for a photo mid-take Obligingly shielding the back light for a better exposure with the lyric sheet.

Photos from the Vocal Booth

Photos of some of the people who sing on the chorus – taken with my iPhone.     More photos from the vocal booth Finlay (age 4) Mckenzie and Madison

How Can You Help?

If you would like to support this charity song you can do one or more of the following Share and Help Promote Visit this page and share the picture on Facebook or other social media. The success or failure of this appeal is totally reliant on people like you sharing and encouraging friends and family […]

Don’t Diss Christmas credits

This page highlights all the people involved in Don’t Diss Christmas Dis Christmas. Remember it’s a charity song so all time and contributions have been given for free. Please note also that as yet, this project is not totally finished and needs help to make a video so if you can help please see the […]